Active living is a buzz word isn’t it? Now that it’s almost the end of year and you’re well on your way to accomplishing all your last New Year’s resolutions, lets start thinking about what next year would bring and getting back to shape.

This is the time of the year when we have made our New Year resolutions and are trying to keep them – some non–attainable and far fetched *sigh*. Buuuut some totally doable! Lets think about our active performance and take it a step further.

Here at Active by GS we believe in one step at a time. There is no point in feeling overwhelmed. Be mindful (we've got a post on Meditation so click here for that!) of whatever you are planning to start or advance in.

How do we relate to active living and what can we do to step up our everyday health through an active based lifestyle? We have put together a few steps to achieve this. However, we will start with one step at a time. Today, we’ll talk about ‘motivation’.

Be miserable or motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice. Wayne Dyer.


Motivation is key for anything, be it striving for health, happiness, togetherness or working on a relationship. If you are not motivated enough, it is really hard to get yourself into those trainers or runners and do whatever you do to stay active. Not all of us are into running or hitting the gym either. And that is OK. Yoga, Pilates, slow paced activity or how about a 2-5min walk in the room every half an hour to an hour?

In an earlier post we mentioned that whatever you do need to be enjoyable. Why? Because it is your ME time! Feel the capability of your body and enjoy it. Motivation will be possible once you start enjoying your workout!

So, we’ve gathered some ideas to keep yourself motivated with fitness in 2024! Here’s a few ideas to motivating yourself to ‘step up’ towards a healthier you!


Smart activity trackers such as a Apple Watch Fitbit or Samsung trackers are a great way to keep going with those goals! It could provide the motivation that you need. And the joy of seeing ‘activity for the day accomplished’ is priceless!


Apple Watch

The Apple watch range comes in different styles and sizes. There is a style and size to fit everyone. Helping with tracking your fitness to doing a multitue of things, the Apple watch is a great product to keep you motivated. 


Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit comes in different styles and sizes with a variety of functions so there's bound to be one for you!

Samsung gear 3

Samsung Gear 3 also has a variety of features and is also waterproof - perfect for tracking your swimming!


Short term challenges are a great way to keep yourself motivated to stay on top of working out and being active - for example 30-day challenges. Once you start, you’ll just want to keep going and cross of the day’s activity! We love Cassey Ho's - (Blogilates on youtube) 30 Day challenges and Yoga with Adriene 30 day Yoga challenge! 


Wearing activewear that makes YOU feel confident and comfortable is always a big motivation factor. What you wear does not matter as long as you feel great in it! Just like your formal wardrobe - small black dress, skirt and pants with x number of tops and accessories - your activewear needs similar treatment. Try having a few basics coupled with some great accessories. AND you are on your way!

We hope this gives you some ideas to stay motivated! In the end, remember you are the KEY! You need to motivate yourself. Let us know how you went:)

Look out for our next part of 'Step it Up', where we will look at healthy eating. 

BRING ON 2024!