Our Fabric

Activewear for healthy bodies - skin friendly and eco friendly fabric at its best!

Our innovative fabric reflect our philosophy of fitness and active living by performing at our level best while having fun and most importantly being happy in our skin and with what we do and be. Our fabric is designed to be lightweight, buttery soft, moisture wicking, anti-microbial, breathable with 4 way stretch providing the ultimate comfort. Therefore, our fabric is a perfect choice for those allergic or itchy skin.

We're passionate about both healthy and skin friendly products while promoting ethical and sustainable choices furthering the quality of life.  Along with all our ethos, our fabric blends also reflect these conscious choices we have made supporting ethical suppliers and sustainable practices.

Our Fabric

Skin friendly + planet friendly

Our research and development team is focused on developing health friendly fabric blends that are created from natural materials through innovative technology to design allergy free products benefiting health and wellbeing. Our specially designed UPF 50+ fabric block 98% of UVA/UVB rays providing you with peace of mind when basking in the sun on the beach or doing those outdoor activities that you love!

Our antimicrobial fabric is odour resistant and moisture wicking with luxurious softness providing ultimate comfort and freshness throughout the day. Active by GS compression fit activewear is designed with superior 4D Dritech 4-way stretch for high performance and super supportive fit. 

We strongly believe and support the notion that it is our duty and responsibility to love your (our) body and to protect and care for our body and health. Go about your hard core activities with confidence and peace of mind that your skin will not absorb any nasty substances while you sweat!


Bamboo is one of the most versatile products and feels buttery soft and silky on the skin. Active by GS fabric blends use bamboo making our products light and breathable with highly absorbent qualities which helps keep your body cool and refreshed all along even after a session of harrowing workout.

✓ Natural moisture wicking properties: all our products will absorb and evaporate sweat quickly making it ideal for those sweaty activities and the warm weather.

✓ Breathable & Thermo-regulating: the properties of bamboo helps the fabric to be highly breathable in warm weather and keeps the body warm in the cold weather than traditional blends.

✓ Antibacterial properties: bacteria do not live in the fabric blends which helps our products to remain fresh and non-smelly in the longer run.

✓ Anti fungal: With anti fungal properties, bamboo is known to be great for sensitive skin. This makes our products a blessing for allergy sufferers.

✓ Natural sunscreen with UPF: Bamboo's properties of UPF50+ ensure the protection from more than 99.5% of harmful rays, which means that your workout clothes will still protect you when you go outside in the sun.

Bamboo, part of the grass family can be harvested easily by simply cutting off the stems without disturbing the root system and grows fast with virtually no maintenance. Being a rapidly regenerative plant, bamboo does not need replanting and grows on its own without much effort. This remarkable plant does not need much resources such as water either and holds the soil in place which means it is friendly to the ecosystem and therefore highly sustainable. A hectare of bamboo produces sixty tons of fibre as opposed to cotton which can produce only two tons from a hectare.

BCI Certified Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is softer than the cotton grown using conventional methods. Our GOTS certified organic cotton is sourced from organically grown and certified manufacturers. Conventional growing methods use an astounding 30% of the world’s insecticide and pesticide. In many countries, this also means that workers are exposed to multitudes of harmful and toxic chemicals. Organically grown cotton does not use genetically modified organism (GMO), pesticides or insecticides. This also means that they are a healthier and sustainable alternative and much softer and more comfortable which feels wonderful on the skin.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that exposure to pesticide poisoning during the manufacturing process is the cause of a high number of deaths each year especially in developing countries (WHO,1994). Pesticides are also linked to chronic illnesses such as cancer, migraines and reproductive issues which means that cotton workers are exposed to such illnesses (WHO, 2018). 

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We aspire to be different with our Bamboo & Organic Cotton Activewear. Not only will you look good, but you'll also feel good. Read about our sustainability goals & initiatives.

Why Bamboo?

With its natural heat-regulation and sun protection, bamboo is a dream come true as a fabric. It is also naturally breathable, antibacterial and moisture wicking.