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Because your skin deserves better

With its natural heat-regulation and sun protection, bamboo is a dream come true as a fabric. It is also naturally antibacterial and doesn't stain easily. Our innovative line of bamboo clothing is the perfect choice when you want to wear something that won't interfere with your body or the environment. Our Bamboo Performance technology uses only the finest blend of organic cotton and elastane to ensure all-day comfort, even for those with sensitive skin.

Bamboo and Organic Cotton Leggings and Activewear

Bamboo for You

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Buttery Soft

Feels like butter - you won't feel like you're wearing anything at all. The combination of Bamboo & Cotton results in extremely buttery soft fabric that are ultra-comfortable.


Bamboo fibre's cross-section is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, making it extremely breathable and cool to wear.

Compression & 4-Way Stretch

Our 4D Dritech & compression technology ensures that your activewear moulds to the shape of your body, giving you a comfortable fit that lasts throughout the day.

Odour Resistant

The natural anti-microbial property in Bamboo Kun resists the growth of bacteria, keeping you fresh and active all year around.


Bamboo naturally keeps you warm during the winter months and cool through the summer—all while maintaining breathability throughout all seasons.

Moisture Wicking

When it comes to keeping you cool and dry, bamboo's the master material. It can absorb up to 3x its own weight and wicks away sweat better than any other fiber.

Healthy Body, Happy Body

Anti-microbial & Hypo-allergenic

Bamboo fabric naturally resists bacteria. The breathable innermost layer contributes to anti-microbial properties as it allows the wearer to breathe naturally and keeps harmful bacteria at bay.

Moisture Wicking

When it comes to keeping you cool and dry, bamboo is the master material. It can absorb upto 3x its own weight and wicks away sweat better than any other fiber. This keeps any bacteria at bay.

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Bamboo's properties of UPF50+ ensure protection from more than 98% of harmful rays, which means that your workout clothes will still protect you when you go outside in the sun.

Bamboo for the Planet

We care about our planet

Renewable Natural Resource

Bamboo’s rapid growth rate offers the potential for significant carbon sequestration.

Naturally Grown

Bamboo can be grown without pesticides or fertiliser and with little irrigation.


Earth's Best Friend

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