You clicked on this post, so you must be curious to find out more about compression wear! We’ve been asked multiple times what compression wear means and how it helps our body. So, we thought if so many of you are asking, why not provide more info on this! So, let’s hop into it.

Wear Organic Compression Leggings bamboo organic cotton

Now to the mechanics of what actually is compression wear?

The word compression has been thrown around a lot lately. And if you’ve heard it before but aren’t quite sure of what it is, then read on! Compression wear or compression fit activewear, also known as performance wear means a type of clothing that is meant to fit snugly, wrapping around your skin.

Health benefits of compression wear

Since compression fit clothing are supposed to be tight and snug, some people question the health benefits of this. Well, research has identified that the right compression wear can help in many ways and have a truckload of positive benefits!

Compression wear improves blood flow and circulation to the muscles which then allows for faster nutrient delivery to the muscles which enables faster muscle repair, so you can get back into working out and boosting your performance (1). They also help with speedy recovery after an intense workout session which is why compression fit is the mantra for many of our athletes! For us, this means we feel less sore and more charged for our next session – bonus!

They are also known to prevent several conditions that negatively impact the body during exercise (1). For example, compression fit garments are recommended for people who suffer from or have the possibility of being affected by Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  Which is why they are popular to wear during those long flights!

Nothing can beat Style + Comfort

Compression gear can not only look stylish, but it also has the ability to make you look and feel great!

For optimal performance and to make the most out of your compression activewear, we recommend the smallest size that you can fit into comfortably. Your compression wear should have just the right amount of stretch to allow your limbs to move about in comfort.

Active by GS Leggings are also safe to sleep in and is in fact, encouraged for faster recovery after a high intensity session as the compression and blood flow keep working hours after your workout session.

We’ve also seen some of our customers wear our leggings under their clothes. And we definitely encourage this! Why? Well mainly because compression clothing tuck the skin in, sculpting the body and act as shapewear without taking the comfort factor out of the equation.

And the additional comfort of natural fibres mean that our compression leggings are extremely breathable keeping the wearer comfortable while acting like a second skin. A favourite is also wearing our compression tights on long-haul flights – for the right support in all the right places and better blood circulation!


Wear Organic Compression legging bamboo organic cotton


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  1. O’Riordan, S. F., Bishop, D. J., Halson, S. L., & Broatch, J. R. (2023). Do sports compression garments alter measures of peripheral blood flow? a systematic review with meta-analysis. Sports Medicine53(2), 481-501.