Welcome to an enlightening exploration of Mindfulness Yoga and its transformative effects on our well-being. We’ve previously explored Meditation Techniques & Mindfulness however, in this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the essence of Mindfulness Yoga, explore the multifaceted benefits for both mind and body and unravel its intimate connection with eco-conscious living. Here at Active by GS, we’re a strong advocate for these principles - and you’ll see why!  


Mindfulness yoga

Understanding Mindfulness Yoga

Amidst life's hustle and our mindset of ‘go, go, go’, we sometimes crave for a moment of peace and quiet. This is where being mindful or being fully immersed into the moment will help. Step in Mindfulness Yoga!

Mindfulness Yoga is your oasis of calm and self-awareness. It is an ancient practice that teaches us to be truly present, allowing us to connect with ourselves and the world around us in a meaningful way. Think back to the covid 19 crisis and period of work from home and isolation - we all learnt how to ‘slow’ down and how to practise slow living.

While ‘slow living’ does not mean to necessarily slow down the way we live, what it means is the need to understand how we could savour every moment of living - be mindful of us or our presence and our surroundings. Similarly, during yoga practice it is important to be present and aware.

We'll take a laid-back stroll through the history and importance of Mindfulness Yoga, showing you how it's a lifesaver in today's whirlwind of chaos.

The Basics of Mindfulness Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga isn’t just about twisting into pretzel-like poses; it's about savouring each breath, move, and sensation and truly exploring the mind-body connection. It’s like a gentle nudge to be mindful, unlike other yoga styles that might focus more on acing the postures. It’s about finding your inner zen amidst the stretches and flows.

Although mindfulness Yoga isn’t defined by specific poses but rather the intention and approach when practising yoga, there are a few poses that can often help with mindfulness due to their ability to promote presence, awareness, and a connection between the mind and the body. Explore the yoga poses below and notice how your mind and your body changes or feels.

Yoga poses for mindfulness practice

Mindful Breathing (Pranayama): While not a pose, mindfulness of breath is integral in Mindfulness Yoga. Various breathing exercises (pranayama) help to center the mind, enhance awareness, and connect deeply with the breath.

  • Focus on your breath - feel the oxygen entering your body and leaving
  • Count when you breathe - try techniques of breathing
  • Feel your surrounding - the tactility, sensual awareness, visual focus of your inner being
  • You might want to focus on your forehead perhaps or your eyes - with practice closed eyes can show you inner awareness of the light that surrounds you

Mountain Pose (Tadasana): This pose focuses on grounding, alignment, and posture. It encourages practitioners to stand tall, connecting with their breath and feeling rooted to the ground.

  • Focus on the ground you stand on - maybe the softness or hardness of the yoga mat?
  • Focus on your body, how does the spine feel, is your shoulder aligned?
  • How does it feel when you breathe in, what do you smell? What happens when you breathe out - can you hear the swoosh of your breath leaving your body?
Child’s Pose (Balasana): This restful pose encourages relaxation, introspection, and surrender. It’s often used as a resting position to reconnect with breath and sensations.
  • Focus on where your forehead is resting. What do you feel?
  • How does the body feel - go through each part of your body to feel the relaxation. Can you feel the lightness?
  • Breathe slowly and feel how the pose affects your breathing
Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana): This forward fold stretches the spine and hamstrings, fostering a sense of introspection and calmness as practitioners fold inward.
  • Focus on the parts of the body where you can feel the stretch. Feel the stretch of the spine and hamstring.
  • Breathe in and out slowly and notice the change in how the stretch feels and changes when oxygen enters your body and leaves
  • How do the feet feel during this time? Do they feel the weight of the body they hold?
Tree Pose (Vrksasana): Balancing poses like the Tree Pose encourages concentration, focus, and steadiness, as practitioners root themselves while finding balance.
  • Focus on the body and its steadiness, how steady do you feel?
  • Notice the air around you, where you are standing - where have you planted your feet?
  • How does your head feel, notice how they feel with eyes closed and open
  • How long can you hold the pose - notice the moments in time when your feet feel jittery and how that travels through your body
Corpse Pose (Savasana): This final relaxation pose allows practitioners to integrate the benefits of the practice, encouraging deep relaxation and a sense of presence in stillness.
  • Focus on all your senses - close your eyes and notice what you hear, smell, feel?
  • Feel the ground where you are lying down - how does it feel to the touch - smooth and soft, rough, or is it perhaps both?
  • Focus on breathing in and out slowly, count if you need to.

Remember to perform each pose with full awareness, focusing on the breath, sensations and thoughts that may arise. The ultimate goal is to cultivate mindfulness throughout the practice, whether in movement or in stillness.

The Benefits of Mindfullness for Mind and Body

Imagine coming home from a hectic day at work and your mind is still running and thinking about work stress (1). Step in mindful presence! The benefit of exploring Mind & Body is,
  • Feeling mentally sharp
  • Melting stress away
  • Your body getting stronger and more flexible

That's the magic of Mindfulness Yoga. It’s a total package that doesn’t just work your muscles but nourishes your mind too. We’ll unpack all these perks, backed by science and real-life experiences, to show you how it can transform your well-being.

Mindfulness Yoga and Eco-Consciousness

Mindfulness and eco-consciousness go together like peanut butter and jelly. Similarly, the practice of mindfulness yoga is a commitment to oneself, our inner being and the surrounding we live in. 
We’ll explore how Mindfulness Yoga naturally links to living green, respecting and caring for our planet. And here’s where Active by GS steps in, championing sustainability in every stitch of its activewear, giving your yoga journey an eco-friendly high-five. 
  1. Mindful living: Mindfulness Yoga encourages being present in every moment, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding world. This heightened awareness often extends to a greater sensitivity towards the impact of our actions on the environment. Practitioners of Mindfulness Yoga tend to adopt a more mindful approach to their lifestyle choices, including their ecological footprint (2).
  2. Respect for nature: Mindfulness Yoga often emphasises the importance of connecting with nature. Practising yoga outdoors, in natural settings, or using sustainable materials aligns with the yogic principle of honouring and respecting the natural world. This connection with nature fosters an appreciation for the environment, promoting eco-consciousness. Refer to our next point to explore this in more detail.
  3. Sustainability and conscious choices: The values cultivated through Mindfulness Yoga, such as compassion and mindfulness, often extend to making conscious choices, including those related to sustainability. Yogis who embrace Mindfulness Yoga might seek out eco-friendly products, including clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials, as part of their commitment to living consciously and harmoniously with the Earth.
  4. Minimalism and simplicity: Mindfulness Yoga often encourages simplicity and minimalism, valuing quality over quantity. This philosophy can extend to reducing consumption, opting for sustainable products that have a lower impact on the environment, and supporting brands committed to eco-friendly practices.
  5. Community and collective consciousness: Mindfulness Yoga fosters a sense of community and interconnectedness. This shared consciousness often extends beyond the yoga mat, promoting collective efforts toward sustainability, environmental awareness, and activism. Yogis practising Mindfulness Yoga may engage in or support environmental initiatives, aligning with their values of interconnectedness and responsibility toward the planet.
  6. Connecting with Nature Through Yoga: Close your eyes and imagine practising yoga surrounded by nature or wearing clothes that Mother Earth would approve of (hint: our bamboo activewear is GREAT for that! - explore our leggings or tops). That’s the sweet spot where yoga and nature meet. Active by GS encourages this connection with a lifestyle choice, one of those is with eco-friendly activewear, making your yoga practice not just about poses but about honouring the planet too.

Choosing the Right Gear for Mindfulness Yoga

In the realm of Mindfulness Yoga, every element matters, including the attire you choose. Active by GS’s commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics; our activewear is a testament to the fusion of mindfulness and functionality. Crafted with premium, eco-friendly and skin friendly materials, our clothing not only embraces your body comfortably but also allows for seamless movement, providing the freedom needed for a truly immersive yoga experience.
At Active by GS, we rewrite the perception of fabric and material choice used in activewear with our ongoing research helping in identifying key aspects of performance driven activewear and designing them for the utmost performance when conducting any activity, be it yoga or other such activities.
From breathable fabrics that support your body's natural movements to designs that embrace simplicity and elegance, each piece of Active by GS activewear is meticulously curated to align with the essence of Mindfulness Yoga. The collection is designed with the movement of the body in mind and allows the body to stretch or move in any way without the clothing hindering the movement. 
Our dedication to sustainable practices ensures that each garment not only enhances your practice but also minimises the environmental footprint, embodying the values you cherish during your yoga sessions. Try our breathable leggings with pockets, or our high impact sports bra, or simply opt for our breathable air crop tees and pair them with our shorts for an ultimate comfort look.

Joining the Active by GS Community

At Active by GS, it's not just about providing exceptional activewear, where performance meets lifestyle,  it's about fostering a community united by shared values of mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability. By joining our community, you become part of a movement that celebrates mindful living and conscious choices.
Sign up for our newsletters and blogs to access a wealth of resources, from mindfulness tips to sustainable living guides, yoga practice insights and physical fitness awareness. We’d also love to chat to you! Have questions/feedback/ simply want to say hi? Email us at hello@activebygs.com. Together, let's embark on a journey toward a more harmonious existence, where each step is mindful and purposeful. As we say, ‘small steps, big difference'. 

So, dive in and let us know how you feel after a session of Mindfulness Yoga!

In this exploration of Mindfulness Yoga and its seamless integration with an eco-conscious lifestyle, Active by GS emerges not just as a purveyor of activewear but as a catalyst for conscious change. With our commitment to sustainability, premium quality, and shared ethos of mindful living, we invite you to explore our range of eco-friendly activewear, meticulously designed to support your Mindfulness Yoga journey.
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