Wearorganic principles

The seeds of starting a skin friendly clothing line was planted in our minds when we started looking for active wear which does not harm our body when we are hard at working out and sweating like crazy. This meant that we needed fabric blends that were healthy, while not compromising on the quality or luxurious feel.

Skin friendly clothing for us includes a few different factors - fabric which do not contain any toxins that are absorbed with friction, fabric that do not smell and fabric that do not cause any untoward problems that would culminate in allergies or health issues!

 It was important for us that the people we associate with would and should follow our ethos and values and have similar mind sets. Moreover, our principles that are founded in placing our mother earth and the beings that walk this beautiful planet needs to be valued by our associates as much as we do. 

After spending months and months researching and searching for similar minded suppliers and manufacturers we were lucky to collaborate with people who have similar mind sets.

Thus, Active by GS evolved from Wear Organic. We take pride in wearing clothing that are friendly to our body and takes care of our skin without harming the planet we live in. We hope you do too! 

Sustainable Ethos l Active by GS