In today's world of growing environmental consciousness, sustainable fashion has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering an alternative to the unsustainable practices of the fast fashion industry. However, a common misconception surrounds sustainable clothing, often perceived as an exclusive luxury reserved for those with deep pockets. But, we’re here to dispel this notion and introduce you to the world of affordable sustainable clothing, empowering you to make a positive impact without breaking the bank. Also, we believe quality matters more than quantity!

Fashion and Its Environmental Impact

The fashion industry is one of the world's most polluting industries. It is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The industry is also a major water polluter, using vast amounts of water and chemicals to produce textiles (2). Fast fashion is attributed to a large extent of this impact. Read more here. 

In an ever-evolving world where sustainability has become a pressing concern, the fashion industry stands at a critical juncture (2). The demand for eco-conscious clothing has surged, challenging the misconception that sustainable fashion comes with an exorbitant price tag (3). Celebrities along with the general public are upholding the necessity to move into eco-friendly clothing. Let's explore the realm where affordability and sustainability converge, reshaping wardrobes with a blend of style and ethical choices. 

What is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing embodies a commitment to reducing environmental impact across the entire lifecycle of a garment. It encompasses sourcing materials responsibly, employing ethical manufacturing processes, and ensuring longevity in product use (1). In stark contrast, the fast fashion culture thrives on fleeting trends, leading to significant environmental repercussions.

What Clothing Materials are Sustainable?

Bamboo stands as a beacons of sustainability in the clothing industry. Bamboo requires fewer resources, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and often possesses biodegradable properties, contributing positively to the circular fashion economy (4). Our materials are also ethically sourced and manufactured. 


Sustainable fabric for activewear l Active by GS

Being Conscious Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive

Dispelling the myth that sustainability and affordability cannot coexist is crucial. Advancements in technology and growing awareness have paved the way for cost-effective sustainable options. Manufacturers are embracing eco-friendly materials and processes, driving down the costs of sustainable clothing, making it accessible to conscientious consumers.

Manufacturing processes have become more user friendly with better material availability and technical understanding and expertise increasing. This means that while there were higher costs involved in sourcing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products, in the current world there are possibilities to work around costing with better resources.  

Essential Sustainable Clothing Pieces Every Wardrobe Should Have

Crafting a sustainable wardrobe starts with a mindful selection of staple pieces that embody durability, style, and environmental responsibility. At Active by GS, our collection comprises essentials that marry functionality with sustainability.

From versatile tops and sports bras made from bamboo and cotton to leggings and shorts designed for both performance and eco-friendliness, our offerings redefine activewear and athleisure wear. The pieces are carefully and mindfully designed to be worn during high performance activities to a lazy weekend lounging around or out and about. 

The longevity and quality of our garments not only benefit the wearer but also lessen the environmental footprint, aligning with the ethos of sustainable fashion.

Active by GS: A Leader in Sustainable Activewear in Australia 

Nestled in the heart of Australia, Active by GS epitomises a commitment to sustainable activewear. Beyond crafting apparel, our brand champions a movement that celebrates body positivity and environmental consciousness.

With a mantra of "love your body," we prioritise sustainable practices, ensuring that our activewear not only feels good on your skin but also minimises its impact on the environment. We believe in “small steps, big differences”. By choosing Active by GS, you are not merely purchasing sustainable activewear or athleisure wear; you're contributing to a more sustainable future.

Properties of bamboo for high performance activewear


Our dedication to eco-consciousness, ethical manufacturing, and a diverse range of sustainable activewear makes us a leader in the Australian sustainable fashion landscape.

Explore our collections to discover how you can embrace style and sustainability, making a positive impact on the world—one comfortable and environmentally responsible garment at a time.



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