We know that you are sick of feeling uncomfortable during your workouts. You cannot get a good run in because your leggings are too restrictive, or you're struggling to lift weights because your top doesn't give you adequate support. With Active by GS compression leggings, it is no longer an issue! Our compression fit technology contour to your body with a comfortable 4-way stretch to help you stay comfortable and active all day. Designed to help keep you cool, our leggings are made of a micro-mesh fabric with bamboo blend which acts as a natural element that wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry as you work out hard. The fabric also increases oxygen flow to your muscles, which allows them to work harder and longer so they can get more out of each workout.

Why wear compression leggings? Bamboo and Organic cotton leggings

Improved blood flow

According to sports and health science experts, wearing compression pants gives your muscles a boost when you are working out increasing muscle blood flow of the legs which can further help with your workout performance (O’Riodan et.al., 2021).

Helps in easing Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Research has shown that compression leggings ease symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (Hettchen et.al., 2019). Active by GS leggings are designed to reduce fatigue, swelling, and helps your skin retain moisture for over 72 hours.

The perfect solution to keep you cozy

Our compression leggings with sweat-wicking fabric will keep you nice and toasty during those chilly months and cool during those hot days. Because the snugger fit and extra support help with blood flow and circulation, it keeps your muscles warm or vice versa while offering a wide range of mobility.

Improved balance

Problem with holding that complicated yoga pose? Research has shown greater balance was observed when wearing compression garments (S.Michael et.al., 2014). Compression leggings can improve balance in some people, especially those practising yoga, pilates and so on. Our super stretchy Black Infinity offers just this - the perfect support to support you for one of those complex poses.

Super comfy

Our patent pending Bamboo Performance Technology uses a special blend of bamboo fabric, BCI certified organic cotton and elastaneThis combination gives you the right amount of stretchiness, offering a flattering look whether you are working out, shopping or meeting your friends for brunch. Our leggings are also squat proof - holding onto you like a second skin.

Other benefits of our Compression Leggings

  •   Four-way stretch which helps with unrestricted range of motions
  •   Breathable and Moisture-Wicking
  •   Muscle support and greater stability
  •   Antibacterial fabric
  •   Reduced impacts on knee joints

We believe in the power of compression. Our high-performance fabric is designed to aid blood circulation and support your muscles during and after intense workouts. Breathable and anti-odour, our leggings will help you feel fresh throughout your day. Wear with our ultra-soft tank top or tee for extra coverage and comfort.


*People with existing health conditions, especially with skin or poor circulation should get expert advice from a healthcare professional on whether compression leggings is safe for them.



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