Yoga legging and active wear

Who dosen't love seeing mums giving their best tagging along their bubs! We absolutely adore the pram pushing or toddler in tow sights.

Active mothers are becoming more and more a common sight. And what a beautiful sight they are! While some are quite driven, for most mothers it’s quite hard to comprehend how these superwomen do it!

Whatever you do, we say you are super mum and you are setting an example for your precious little followers!

Motivation? Yes of course! But how about energy?

Women often find that while they have enough motivation, they often need more energy to start of from where they left of before giving birth. There is often no time to do anything once the baby arrives and it becomes a whole different world to most. Not just the mothers, but also to most fathers out there who put out a brave front!

Women who have gone through pregnancy and motherhood know for a fact that everything else but the precious little bundle of joy fades into obscurity. Juggling motherhood, work, household chores and children becomes something of a nightmare not to mention social commitments!

However, it’s important to remember that not taking care of yourself is linked to increased health risks in not only pregnancy but after childbirth and later for mum and baby and for their health in the future.

So we’ve put together a short Checklist for you to bounce back!


  1. Get some comfortable athleisure wear ready and lay it out for first thing in the morning. For example, one pair of legging, comfy tee/tank/ crop/singlet, comfy bra/sports bra
  2. Spread a yoga mat where you can see it. Spread it the night itself!
  3. Spread a baby mat close by for bub as well
  4. Divide healthy raw food into several containers and store it wherever it is easy to access (when you have time – possibly when baby sleeps)
  5. Gather a cheer squad who also is a support system if needed (partner, child, family members, friends?)
  6. Organise atleast one friend who has a similar age child so that you can swap training time. If not, don’t worry, you can always do this on your own! 

Always remember you do not need to be perfect. Just start doing!