The activewear industry is currently swimming with choices. We constantly receive emails and queries on the difference between legging styles and fabric choices. Previously, we explored materials used in activewear looking at plastic and its impact on the body and the environment. We have covered several topics including the difference between fibres, especially bamboo.

7/8 Leggings Super Soft & Breathable

Through this article let’s explore the current favourite, aka the 7/8 leggings! The trend is here to stay as it is such a versatile length, fit for various activities and friendly enough to take you from the gym to the street.

Discover the perfect leggings:

For those who crave a stylish length just above the ankle

There is a world of leggings out there, where choices range from high rise to low rise, material type, patterns, colours, and unique features like hidden pockets or a subtle bum scrunch.

But amidst these considerations, don't overlook the importance of length, a factor that can instantly transform your outfit. Step in the 7/8 length where it is longer than a crop and shorter than a full length and sits just above the ankle for most.

High Performance & Super Comfy Leggings

The Legging Length Dilemma:

Why 7/8 Leggings Might Be Your New Obsession

The length of leggings holds the power to redefine your entire look. Enter 7/8 leggings, the versatile and stylish option you didn't know you needed. Let's explore the charm of these leggings and why they are a game-changer.

Versatile and Stylish: The Allure of ⅞ Leggings

One-eighth shorter than full-length leggings, 7/8 leggings strike the perfect balance between traditional full-length and capri-style or crop leggings. Designed to fall just above the ankle, these leggings offer a modern and flattering leg-lengthening silhouette.

Dive into the versatility of 7/8 leggings - ideal for intense workouts, styling with both trainers and sandals, and seamlessly transitioning from gym sessions to casual outings. 

Legging Showdown: 7/8 vs. Other Styles

Curious about how 7/8 leggings stack up against other popular styles? Let's break it down.

7/8 Leggings vs. Capri Leggings: Striking the Sweet Spot Length

Bamboo Crop Legging Soft and Breathable

Capri leggings, shorter than 7/8 leggings, can sometimes make legs appear shorter and feel awkward. While 7/8 leggings is the perfect sweet spot length that makes your legs look longer, leaner, and exudes flexibility, comfort, and coolness.

7/8 Leggings vs. Full-Length Leggings: Avoiding the Bunch-Up Struggle

Full length Legging

Full-length leggings are a classic choice, but for those under 5'5, they may bunch up around the knees and ankles. 7/8 leggings offer a solution, avoiding the bunch-up issues and creating the illusion of height.

7/8 Leggings vs. High-Waisted Leggings: Finding Your Length Fit

There is a misconception that high waisted leggings may be longer than the usual length. High-waisted leggings mean they sit above the belly button while low waisted styles usually sit below the belly button.

High waisted styles provide comfort and look flattering on most body types which is why they are becoming a favourite among many. When coupled with 7/8 length leggings, the high-waisted option offer similar length benefits while catering to individual preferences.

Length Matters: Are All 7/8 Leggings Equal?

While all 7/8 leggings should be precisely 7/8ths in length, variations exist based on size and source. Research becomes crucial - check product descriptions, leg lengths to ensure a perfect fit tailored to your body and height.

Check specifically for the inseam length and measure your leg inseam to help with understand in the length of your choice. Check our Active by GS Size guide to help with understanding your perfect fit.

Active by GS 7/8 Legging Collection: Elevate Your Style and Comfort

Explore Active by GS’s collection of 7/8 leggings, striking the ideal balance between cropped and full-length at an average of 23 - 24 inches. Perfect for everyday wear and gym sessions, these leggings deliver comfort, function, and style. Elevate your wardrobe with this must-have length.

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